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Northern Cape
Kimberley Big Hole ©South African Tourism Hot air ballooning  © South African Tourism Lion Male, Kalahari Gemsbok, South Africa
Gauteng Province, South Africa Travel Guide
If money makes the world go round, Gauteng is one of its major axes. Meaning 'the place where the gold is' Gauteng is the economic powerhouse of Africa. It is South Africa's smallest, wealthiest and most frenetic province. Everything moves fast - cars zoom down the highways, people walk fast through the malls and offices, and new buildings spring up on the drab brown Highveld like so many glass and chrome mushrooms....
Johannesburg Travel Guide
Johannesburg is about money. It's a city built on dreams of great wealth - literally built on gold. And while the gold mines are now on the outskirts of the city itself, it is money that drives this vibrant city that is widely accepted to be the economic powerhouse of Africa. Not many visitors actually put Johannesburg on their itineraries but most end up spending a day or two here anyway, as it is the main air traffic hub of southern Africa - in fact, of Africa...
Cradle of Humankind Travel Guide
A mere hour's drive from Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind is a place of major significance. It was here we first became human. Here where we first stood upright on our own two, rather oddly shaped, feet, explored the uses to which we could put our usefully opposed thumbs, and experimented with more and more sophisticated grunts as we tried to make sense of our environment. Its also the place where 1.8 million years ago we first "domesticated" fire....
Magaliesburg Travel Guide
The Magaliesberg is a beautiful low range of hills not far from the city of Johannesburg and close to the town of Magaliesburg. Note the spelling. Magaliesburg is the town, Magaliesberg is the range. But, hey, what’s in a name? Magaliesberg is a fun little centre with a very countrified feel to it and loads of bucolic pleasures....
Pretoria (Tshwane) Travel Guide
Affectionately known as the Jacaranda City for all the purple blossom-bedecked trees, which line its thoroughfares in summer, Pretoria is an elegant, quiet city that's a perfect contrast with its more frenetic neighbour, Johannesburg, just half an hour away. Pretoria has a long, involved and fascinating history - first as the capital of the independent Boer republic of the Transvaal, then as one of the three capitals of South Africa, it became an international synonym for apartheid....
Business Tourism in Johannesburg   by Sarah Manners
Johannesburg: The City of Gold  The discovery of gold in what is now known as the city of Johannesburg sparked off one of the fastest South African urban developments. Johannesburg or the 'city of gold' as it is fondly referred to, is one of the most diverse areas in South Africa. It is South Africa's premier business destination and is as rich as the cultures and heritages made up by its 5 million inhabitants...
Limpopo Province
Limpopo Travel Guide
Limpopo Province is Africa undistilled. It is raw and wild and wonderfully enigmatic. With about half of the Kruger National Park and many other game reserves, it has miles and miles of untamed wilderness where the Big Five and other animals roam in a space so large it may almost be considered unfenced. This low-lying area, which is generally referred to as the Lowveld, is archetypical Africa - broad-leafed open forest interspersed with grassy plains dominated by huge bulbous baobab trees....
South Africa and The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park   by Edward Kirwan
South Africa has become, in recent years an increasingly popular tourist destination. For many tourists the size and diversity is so huge that the whole is difficult to grasp. The National Game Parks have long been a favourite tourist destination. The formation of the The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park takes this to a new era....
Northern Cape Province - Kimberley
  Northern Cape Travel Guide
The Northern Cape is South Africa's biggest and least densely populated province. Consisting mostly of Karoo semi-desert and Kalahari thirstland, it's all about wide open spaces, big skies and immense distances. But it's not all drab and dusty by any means. The Orange River, which flows through the province, is a long, luscious, linear oasis where the combination of generous irrigation and year-round sunshine produces succulently sweet grapes for the fashionable tables of the world as well as a significant crop for wine production....
Conflict Diamonds And The Kimberley Process   by John Pollard
As the world's most concentrated, portable and anonymous form of wealth, diamonds make an ideal vehicle to launder money from and raise money for criminal and terrorist operations. Throughout the 1990s, murderous rebel factions in Angola and Sierra Leone used their country's diamond riches to buy arms and wage war against legitimate governments...
  Kimberley - a diamond in the wilderness!   by Suzanne Whitby
On the border of the Northern Cape and Free State, 177km west of Bloemfontein, lies Kimberley, the capital of the of the Northern Cape. When you think of Kimberley and its Diamond fields, it is easy to imagine a wonderland of romance and riches...
Kimberley Travel Guide
The most notable thing about Kimberley is a huge hole in the ground, but it’s not just any hole – it’s what’s left over after the removal of about three tons of diamonds. Measuring over a kilometre deep, with a surface area of 17ha, it’s the world’s largest hand-dug hole – a monument to the lengths (and depths) humans will go in search of wealth....
Namaqualand: The Floral Kingdom of Africa   by Bronwen E. Roberts
Foreigners and locals return time and again to this wonderland of colour. The miracle of a parched landscape slowly evolving through the seasons into a huge carpet of wild flowers is breathtaking. The best time to view this unique floral display is from mid-August to October...
Travelers fascinated by World Renowned Meerkats  by Gillian Meier
Famous for being the world’s largest man-made hole, Kimberley (South Africa’s historic mining town) is becoming increasingly popular to tourists not only for having been blessed with some of the world’s most precious diamonds, but also for being a sacred haven for the creator’s beautiful Meerkat species....
North West Province
North West Province Travel Guide
The North West Province is mostly pretty close to the urban conurbation of Johannesburg and Pretoria. While vast areas are dedicated to maize and cattle farming, and the mining industry is very well developed, there are some wonderful destinations.  The fantastic Madikwe Game Reserve, right on the Botswana border is a wonderful place with all of the Big Five and - major bonus - a large population of the gorgeous and endangered African wild dog....
Vredefort Dome, World Heritage Site Travel Guide
South Africa’s most recent UNESCO World Heritage Site is Vredefort Dome, a dramatic landscape formed by the impact of a massive meteorite impact structure, called an astrobleme. Situated roughly 120km south west of Johannesburg in the Free State, it dates back 2,023 million years and is the oldest astrobleme on the planet. Not only is it the granddaddy of meteorite craters, Vredefort Dome is also the deepest and largest with a radius of 190km.... 
Pilanesberg National Park and Sun City
Pilanesberg National Park
The Pilanesberg National Park is located in North West Province in South Africa, west of Pretoria. The park borders with the entertainment complex Sun City. The park was originally owned by three local tribes, and now by the north west parks board...
Sun City, North West Province, South Africa
Sun City is a luxury South African casino resort, situated in the North West Province. It is located about two hours' drive from Johannesburg, close to the city of Rustenburg. The complex borders the Pilanesberg National Park.  Sun City was developed by the hotel magnate Sol Kerzner as part of his Sun International group of properties.....


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